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Get up close and personal with nature through technology

Sitting high up in a ficus tree in La Verne, California is a hummingbird tending to her two young chicks, only days old. It’s a sight that people don’t usually get to see, but one that is amazing to watch as eggs the size of Tic-Tacs turn into fully fledged hummingbirds. They’re probably just like the ones that zoom through your backyard looking for brightly colored flowers in their hunt for insects and nectar.

Now here’s the cool part. Thanks to, you can have a front row seat to not only Rosie Hummingbird’s nest, but a huge variety of other animals broadcast on live video feeds through its network of cameras set in remote places all around the world.

The live hummingbird cam is focused on the tiny nest, which is only about the size of a golf ball! Two chicks hatched in January and viewers of the camera can watch them live as Rosie, the mother hummingbird feeds and watches over them. said hummingbirds like Rosie are becoming more rare due to habitat loss and the effects of climate change. In fact, almost every species of hummingbird is either considered threatened or endangered. So, being able to watch a hummingbird nest is truly something special.

You can help by planting hummingbird-friendly plants in your yard at home or by putting out feeders.

We recently featured a few minutes of Rosie Hummingbird’s feed on our Facebook page, but you can watch these beautiful creatures and others anytime at’s website. They have a great Facebook page as well that you should certainly like.

One of the greatest things about technology is its ability to bring us closer to things we might not ever get to experience without it. is a 100 percent philanthropic organization dedicated to connecting humanity with the amazing world of nature. Some of their other feeds include bears, bats, birds, dogs, oceans, sunsets and many other beautiful sights. Another cool feature of their live feeds is the ability to take a snapshot of whatever’s happening on the screen, so you can save and share the coolest moments nature has to offer.

So the next time you’re stressed out with life and all the technological distractions in our world, take a minute or two to de-stress and connect with nature with the cool live feeds from

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