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Get matched with the perfect streaming service with this interactive site

Cutting the cord. It’s a phrase that sounds so liberating. But it’s easier said than done. It requires a lot of research, especially if you’re trying to find a way to bring down your cable bill.You’ll still need your internet service, a router for Wi-Fi, a set-top box for streaming or a smart TV, deciding which channels to watch, buying the streaming package that’s right for you, paying extra for premium channels and more. And almost all of it comes with a monthly fee.In the end, cutting the cord could be more expensive than cable if you don’t know how to do it right. Luckily, we’ve found a cool site that not only takes you through the process of cutting the cord but also helps you find the package that’s right for you.

Flixed has answers for would-be cord cutters

Starting on its home page, Flixed has categories that explain the entire cord cutting process to novices. If you’re more experienced, click on the icon you may have a question about.Clicking the Start Here icon takes you to a page in which you see the start of Flixed’s pairing service Cord Cutter Express. You may be eager to start there, but we recommend you avoid the temptation and read the information available on the site first. Trust us, if you’ve read what you need first, Cord Cutter Express will make more sense.On the Start Here page, you’ll learn how you can watch local TV channels without cable, as well as complete lists of streaming services, sports streaming services and anime streaming services.The section on how to watch local channels without cable and using antennas is great for novices, but it may also provide experienced cord cutters with information and tools they may not have considered. So make sure you check it out.The Lists pages provide helpful overviews of what the various streaming sites have to offer, including costs.After the Start Here section, we would recommend going to the Devices section, but unfortunately, it’s still under construction, so move to the Streaming Services Section.There, you can get channel lists for some streaming services, reviews and even comparisons based on programming and price.Then there is the Stream Report, a weekly newsletter that you can sign-up for to receive. It’s obviously a personal data grab, but the site says it will provide you with the latest articles on such topics as new streaming sites, where to find shows and cord cutting deals.This isn’t information Flixed writes itself. Instead, the newsletter collects articles you may be interested in from various sites and puts them in one place. If privacy is important to you, remember, you can find these stories online yourself.

Cord Cutter Express

Now we can talk about the feature you’ve been waiting for, the interactive Cord Cutter Express.Once you click on the Cord Cutter Express icon or go straight to the site, you’ll be met with this page. This is where you start choosing which networks you regularly watch. Use the black box with the white arrow to scroll through the list.Be warned: The list is very long. But look at it this way, the list allows you to gauge how many or how few channels you actually watch and therefore need.Once you get through the list, click the orange Next button below and it will take you to a page that asks you about streams. They want to know how many streaming devices you have in your home that could all be possibly running at the same time. This number could affect the price of your service package.The next screen asks if you are going to use a cloud DVR. This is where your earlier research of streaming channels lets you know whether they come with a hard-wired or cloud DVR and the costs for extra storage.After you pick your DVR choice, the Cord Cutter Express starts calculating your options and offers you a few pages of what streaming packages make sense for you.Again, if you’ve researched prices and comparisons on the site, picking a package should come a little easier. Hopefully, this site will make the arduous job of cutting the cord a bit less time-consuming.

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