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Get dozens of free books for your Kindle

If you own a Kindle or are looking into purchasing one, it’s likely that you want to get in some solid reading in 2019. Kindle books are often relatively inexpensive, but as you begin to build up that library, those small bills can begin to add up. Before you know it, your new year’s resolution to read more is dwindling and your Kindle finds its new home tucked away in a drawer.

Amazon frequently offers free Kindle books in the Kindle store, and allow you to filter your search results to a certain extent. The only problem is that most of us simply don’t have the time to scroll through 20+ pages of free books to look for the ones worth reading.

Luckily, there is a free solution to the search for free Kindle books! The Free Kindle Books & Tips site offers everything Kindle readers need to get the most out of their device and more. In a world where searching online has become an endless sea of selection overload, this site is a breath of fresh air.

About the blog

Blogger and author of several bestselling Kindle guides, Michael Gallagher writes up these helpful blog posts as a hobby. His blog’s purpose? To provide tips for Kindle users, author interviews and, of course, links to dozens of free books for Kindle.

These posts are free for all to read online, but make no mistake, they have immense value.

What kind of books can you get?

Free books highlighted in the blog posts come in all genres. From mystery and sci-fi to romance and adventure, there’s something for everyone. Best of all, there are new offerings every day. Avid readers can quickly build up a hearty collection of new books without spending a dime.

Those who benefit from using a Kindle for their little ones will be happy to know that the site even provides links to free Children’s books from time to time.

More free books

Aside from the consistently provided free book lists in the blog posts, the Kindle Books and Tips site offers a periodically updated list of other Free Kindle Book resources. A visit to this page currently features links to religious literature sites, free library sites and even a link to the Amazon page where you can find books that are not free but, literally, cost one penny each.

Get the latest

For an even simpler way to stay in the know, you can subscribe to the blog in the Amazon Kindle store to have the blog posts sent straight to your Kindle. The subscription includes a free 2 week-trial followed by a $0.99 monthly fee.

Since 2010, the Kindle Books and Tips blog has been ranked the #1 paid subscription in the Kindle Store and there’s certainly something to be said for that. Even when compared to all Amazon titles, including books and newspapers, the blog continues to find it’s way into the top 100 list.

Kindle Fire and Android users can also read the blog on the free app. You can find the app in the Amazon App Store and the Google Play store.

If you’re looking for a free way to stay up to date, sign up for notifications via email subscription or RSS feed by in the right-hand side of the site. Of course, another great way to keep up is to follow the blog on social media to see the most recent updates on Facebook or Twitter.

Get to The Free Kindle Books & Tips site and load up on free books now!

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