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Get a copy of all the data that Google has on you

Google products are incredibly useful, from Gmail to Google Maps or the search engine, or even YouTube, which is owned by Google. We all use these products every day, usually without much thought as to how much information we are giving up.Have you ever wondered how much Google knows about you? There is a way to find out with today’s Cool Site. Learn all the data Google has on you with a few simple clicks.The depth of the results may shock you.

How much do they know?

When you head over to today’s site you first have to log into Google, then you will be met with a long list of systems from which Google tracks your information. This includes everything from your bookmarks and search history, to your Google Maps GPS location history.By selecting the boxes next to each of these categories you can build your own personalized archive. Aside from your Google Maps history, some other particularly revealing sections hold all of a user’s email contacts and every YouTube video that has been viewed. Finally, the database contains your entire search history from Google search.Once you have selected each category you wish to add to the archive, you can select the archive type (e.g., .zip). Google will then let you select the method you wish to receive this information. Email is easiest, but you can also select Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.Finally, select “Create Archive” and Google will begin compiling all of the information you have requested. It can take a while, so feel free to do something else while you wait, you will receive an email notification when it is ready.To learn all the information that Google has on you, head over to this site. 

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