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Get a better night’s sleep

How often do you wake up in the morning feeling tired, groggy and grumpy? It’s no fun at all.  It could be just because your sleep cycle is off. But how do you know for sure?A good night’s sleep is what you need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day, but more often than not, it’s easier said than done.If you’re having trouble with your sleep cycle, check out SleepTime for both iPhones and Androids. It tracks you while you sleep to help you get more rest.How much can the app tell about you while you’re sleeping? A lot, actually. You might think of sleeping as a very internal activity, but there is plenty of movement going on, too, that the app can record to find out how to help you wake up refreshed every morning.With the app, you can track your sleep cycle so you can set alarms to wake you up gently each morning during your lightest sleep phase.√ Set the alarm clock with a single gesture√ Fall asleep to soundscapes or white noise!√ Alarm rings even in silent mode√ Choose from any of our 20 built in alarms√ OR wake up to your favorite song from iTunes!√ Sleep Lab™ with sleep cycle analysis – light sleep, deep sleep, R.E.M.√ Detailed monthly and weekly graphs√ Advanced wake-up optimization algorithm√ Instant Heart Rate integration to detect pulse after waking up√ Full history and graphs make comparison easy√ Backup and restore your sleep data on the cloud√ No glasses needed for our easy to read interface!√ Apple Health IntegrationPerfect for people with sleep apnea, snoring issues, fatigue, stress, tiredness, exhaustion, lack of sleep, night time sleep disorders, dreams, require white noise, ambient sounds, soundscapes, calming nature melodies, sleep diary recording, and more.The app is free but you can upgrade to Premium to receive unlimited access to Premium Programs and Playpen Freeplay workouts, HD videos, dynamic and motivational audio, workout email summaries with tips and advice on healthy living, priority support, and more for $8.99/month or $39.99/year through renewable iTunes subscription. SleepTime helps you sleep better by recording any movements or sounds you make in the middle of the night to analyze your patterns. This way, you can set a smart alarm so it will gradually wake you up based on your sensitivity. 

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