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Fun way to express yourself online

Have you ever seen those funny animated pictures that people send around the internet? They’re called GIFs.A GIF is basically a short animation that repeats over and over again. You’ve probably seen tons of cat GIFs over the years if you’re active on Facebook.Here’s an example of a hilarious Grumpy Cat GIF:via GIPHYIf you want to get in on the fun and start sharing hysterical GIFs, this cool site is the place to go.I’m talking about the website GIPHY.The site is packed with GIFs dealing with pretty much everything imaginable. It’s super easy to use too. Simply enter a topic idea in the search bar on the site and you’ll see tons of results to search from.For example. A quick search for Happy Birthday gives you a huge page full of funny GIFs, like the dancing Zebra.via GIPHYIs Monday your least favorite day of the week? Let everyone know with a GIF.via GIPHYYou can even search for GIFs from your favorite movies and TV shows. Here’s one from “Casablanca.”via GIPHYThere’s unlimited potential when it comes to finding the best GIFs. Give the site a try and find your favorites to share with the world.To get started, click on the link we’ve provided below inside the blue box. If you’re reading this article using the app, you might not see the link. If not, click here to see it.
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