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Fun trivia and quizzes to keep your mind active

Looking for a way to train your brain? Love trivia? Sporcle lets you build, play and compete in fun and interesting online quizzes. My only regret about discovering Sporcle is that they didn’t have it around when I was teaching my son, Ian, his multiplication tables.With topics ranging from movie villains to “Honeymooners” characters and foods that are yellow, Sporcle is a wide-open platform. Better yet, you can put your know-how to work building your own custom quizzes.If it turns out to be a popular quiz you get ‘quizmaster’ points and your quiz might even be featured on Sporcle’s front page.

Note: Because anyone can create quizzes, some might contain inappropriate content. Be sure to screen quizzes before letting kids play them.

Want to put your friends to the test? Sporcle connects to your Facebook account, allowing you to share your quizzes through Facebook and compete for high scores with friends and family. Or if you’d rather look your opponent in the eye, Sporcle built an add-on for Google Hangouts that lets you quiz and video chat at the same time.If you really like quizzes, you can even make some extra money with Sporcle. The site is hiring live hosts to present trivia in pubs and taverns worldwide.The company pays $50 for a two-hour show, but hosts can make up to $90 per night if they establish a big following. So, what do you think? Be sure to link your favorite quizzes in the comment section.

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