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Want to check your horoscope? Try these fun astrology sites

For centuries, people have turned to the stars to explain their lives. According to astrology, the planets’ alignment during our birth charts the course of our lives. And it’s not all superstition: astrology’s contributed to many scientific discoveries over the years.

If you want to find out your birth chart, you’re in luck: there are two great websites to check out.

An astrology chart is basically a snapshot of the sun’s position, the moon and the planets in relation to Earth at the moment you were born. That’s why you need to come prepared with your date, time and city of birth. Let’s get started.

Just the facts: Astro-Seek

Astro-Seek beats its competition by a long shot. This website has an attractive chart that’s easy to read, and it gives you a detailed, free report as a bonus. It also takes Daylight Saving Time into account for anyone born before the 1970s.

Best of all, you don’t have to make an account or provide your email address to get a chart. You’ll only be prompted to sign up if you want to join the forum to chat with other astrology enthusiasts.

But you don’t have to dive into the deep end immediately. You can start with the basics: your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. Together, these signs are the equivalent of a basic nametag at an astrology meeting.

Astro-Seek’s Free Astro Portrait service will let you get just that. If that little bit of information piques your curiosity, you can get from there to your full birth chart — all without re-entering your data. Just click the Show Birth Chart link under Planet Positions.

How it works

Want to go directly to making your full astrological chart? Use the Birth Chart Calculator. The buttons at the bottom of the chart image will allow you to print or download a copy of the chart. Beyond that, you can scroll down to read a detailed interpretation of your chart. 

Meanwhile, check out the list under Current Horoscopes, which you’ll find to the upper right of your chart. This list in the sidebar gives you some ways to apply astrology to your daily life. Clicking on Transit chart explains how the ongoing cycles of the planets are currently affecting your chart. 

Personal Daily Horoscope comments more directly on how things are going for you today. The other options involving progressions and so on are more advanced content.

Astro-Seek also offers a Love Compatibility Horoscope, where you can put in your birth information and another person’s birth information to see how you match. However, this isn’t limited to romantic relationships. In fact, the basic idea works for family relationships and friendships too.

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Down the rabbit hole

Swiss powerhouse Astrodienst, popularly known as, is the ultimate website for students hoping to grow into serious astrologers. You can start with the Introduction to Astrology articles. These provide basic information on the planets and signs in your chart. 

Astrodienst also maintains the Astro-Databank collection of celebrity birth charts. Ever wondered if you and your favorite actor are romantically compatible? Maybe you want to know why your favorite celebrity couple broke up? This is a great place to start.

If you want to make your astrological chart on Astrodienst, go to Free Horoscopes, then Horoscope Chart Drawings. Under this heading, select Chart drawing, Ascendant.

You will then have the option to make a chart with or without setting up a registered user account. If you set up a registered user account, you can store up to 100 charts for free.

Even if you don’t set up a registered user account, your guest user session will allow you to view several reports on the Free Horoscopes page generated from your birth data. Like the Short Report Forecast, some of these are free, while others only show free samples enticing you to buy the full report. 

AstroClick Portrait available under Free Horoscopes is a great learning tool, as you can click on any symbol in an interactive version of your chart to find out what it means. AstroClick Travel shows how you might experience traveling or living in different parts of the world based on your chart.

Want even more free learning tools? Check out the new app that acts like your personal astrologist.

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