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Gorgeous FREE wallpapers of outer space

Are you ready to travel to space? Space X is working on launching its first space tourism mission as early as next year! Or maybe you’re quite content with the view from down here!Either way, if you’re interested in space and all of its mysteries then you’ll love these free wallpapers from!The image above (Silhouettes by Mark Gee) was the winner of the “People and Space” category in the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 exhibition. It shows just how massive the moon is in comparison to us.The image below is called “Wispy, Warped Tail of Comet Lovejoy” and it was taken by Rolando Ligustri. It shows Comet Lovejoy zooming past the Phi Persei, which is a star and the Little Dumbbell Nebula.Imagine seeing this stunning photo every time you fire up your computer! Click the blue button below to see other available wallpapers. If you need help changing the wallpaper on your Mac or PC, read this article.P.S. has a lot more to offer than just pictures of the cosmos. Read this article to learn about other parts of the site.

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