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Free photography lessons you’ll really love from Apple

Do you want to take the iPhone photography game to another level? In case you didn’t know, beyond the quick snapshot or selfie, you can do so much more with your iPhone camera.You can take dramatic portrait shots, detailed close-ups, vertical panoramic shots and you can even take advantage of available light for unique effects.Apple wants you to learn all these expert tricks and be an iPhone photography virtuoso and it created a video tutorial site just for this purpose.

Apple’s How to shoot

It’s called “How to shoot” and it’s filled with quick video tips and tricks on using your iPhone camera to its full potential.Here are some of the Apple tutorial videos you can find on this really cool site:

How to shoot with Portrait Lighting

How to edit Portrait Lighting

How to play Memories

How to shoot a vertical Pano

How to shoot a close-up

How to shoot without a flash

How to shoot a backlit subject

How to shoot a group portrait

How to shoot a sunset silhouette

How to shoot a one-handed selfie

How to shoot a close-up

Do you want more tips? Just click here or the blue Cool Site button below to take you straight to Apple’s “How to shoot” site. You can also view more iPhone camera tutorial videos by visiting Apple’s official YouTube channel.

Bonus: Fastest photo scanner in the world

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5 innovative uses for your smartphone’s camera

How about using your iPhone camera beyond taking photos? Here are 5 uses for your smartphone’s camera that don’t involve photos.

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