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Free personal online database you’ll use time and time again

Databases are staples of every company with some form of information infrastructure in place. You may not realize it but we encounter databases every day. When you fill out an online form, shop on the web or clock in and out of work, you are actually inputting entries into a database table.If you’re familiar with spreadsheets, then think of a database as a collection of spreadsheets (known as tables) that you can link with each other. You can extract data and do all sorts of queries, computations, and searches based on the tables in your database. It’s a powerful way to get the most out of your data.Now you might feel that databases are complicated and are strictly for business use but they’re certainly not. Here’s a free personal online database that you can use right now!

Sodadb – the free online database

Sodadb is a simple but powerful online database manager you can use for free!You can create your own database instantly by using Sodadb’s various templates. Start cataloging your music and movie library with the “Music” and “Movie” collection templates. Manage your contacts with the “Personal address book” template. Create shopping lists. Track your activities with the “Time Sheet” and “Event Planner.” Your database possibilities are endless.There’s an assortment of personal and business templates but if you would rather create your own unique database, you can do that too by selecting “Start from scratch.”Best of all, all your data remains online. No need for expensive server maintenance and software. It’s all web-based and it’s free.

Why you’ll want to use Sodadb

Here are the unique features of Sodadb that you’ll love:
  • Completely free. No signups required – No signups. No logins. No account creation required. You can start using Sodadb instantly by clicking on a template with its own secret URL. Need more security? You have the option to lock down your database with a password. Note: Be a “supporter” and unlock more Sodadb features by donating a monthly fee.
  • Easy sharing – Sharing a database on Sodadb is simple and easy. Grant permissions to your database by adding your team members right away. Or just send your database’s secret link to others and they can access it on a web browser. You can also embed a database within your website.
  • Up to 10,000 records – Sodadb offers an unlimited number of users and management databases of up to 10,000 records. Note: You can increase this to 35,000 records by becoming a supporter.
  • File uploads   Do you have documents or images that you want to include in your databases? Sodadb allows up to 10 MB worth of attachments for free! Note: Supporters get 500 MB.
  • Import and export – Sodadb allows importation of CSV files so you can migrate your existing data. On the flipside, you can export your Sodadb data to TXT or CSV files to save and use them locally.
  • Deep search – Sodadb also has powerful built-in search tools. Search for any name, any figure, any entry in your database. It also supports standard database expressions so you can zero in on the data you want instantly.
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