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Google digital metronome
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Hidden Google tricks for musicians: Free metronome and tuner tools

Did you know you can use Google to tune your guitar and keep time while playing?

Yes, you read that right. Everybody’s favorite search engine can pull double duty for singers, musicians, or even bored people looking for a new widget to toy with. Tap or click here for a few other helpful tips when using Google Search.

Keep reading for our quick guide to the feature below.

How to use Google as a metronome or tuner

Like many Google Easter eggs, you’ll find the brand’s tuner by searching for it. Search for the phrase Google guitar tuner to begin.

You’ll see the tuner pop up at the top of your page. All you have to do is hit the microphone button and give Google permission to access it. What results is an incredibly intuitive tuner that offers helpful tips in addition to the note it hears.

Once you get it going, you can tune your guitar. It appears to be a reasonably accurate way to tune a guitar for free.

Beyond tuning, you’ll also find a metronome, which is fantastic for musicians for reasons that should be more than obvious. To find it, hit the little arrow below the tuner to access more tools, utilities and virtual conveniences.

The metronome should be the second icon. Click it and choose your tempo. Now you’ve got everything you need to turn your bedroom into an independent music studio. Not too shabby.

Is there anything Google can’t do?

Google is one of the most deeply-embedded brands in our daily lives, especially when the entire G Suite is considered. Among these other mini-tools, you’ll find incredible stuff like a spinner, a coin-flipper, a dice-roller, and even a feature designed to help the user engage in a guided mediation session, all in-browser.

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