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Free disposable email addresses to boost your online security

Coupons for products you don’t want. Hot girls that want to see you on a web camera. Money that could be yours if you just provide your account number. We’ve all seen messages like this in our spam or junk email inboxes. Most of them are harmless yet annoying while others can be dangerous scams.One way to fend off these unsolicited messages is to use a disposable email address. But what is that and where do you find one? With a free email service like, you can prevent spam from getting to your inbox.

How does it work?

With Mailinator there are no signups or logins. If another site is asking you to provide an email address to register, just use a made up Mailinator address,  like Then type the made up email address into the “Check Any Inbox” search bar, hit “Go!” and you’ll see a list of spam emails going to that account. Open the one you need to complete registration. That way, you’ve registered an account without giving out any personal information. After a few hours, all of the emails in the fake account get deleted.

What are the limitations?

This is a public service where you share email addresses with everyone. The fake accounts aren’t password protected so anyone can access them. For that reason, this isn’t a service you want to use if the website you are registering for will be sending you private information. However, you can try a rare email address that others may not think to use.There are paid versions, too where you get more storage space, a private domain, and the ability to save messages. If you want to give it a try, click the blue button below.

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