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4 tools for fixing Facebook annoyances

Facebook is one of the internets most visited websites with over 2 billion members worldwide. You can share images, videos, status updates and even play games with friends and family.

However, Facebook can be a tricky site that may tie you up, in some aspects. The site comes with a number of features that may be difficult to understand that you might just want to get rid of. Each tool comes with its quirks that could seem odd, but, are important to understand, nevertheless.

You might want to alter the content on your Facebook page without actually changing its settings. Here are some easy ways to fix those Facebook annoyances.

Clean up your Facebook past with this free tool

If you’re someone who has been a Facebook user for a while now, there are most likely posts, or friends, on the site you want to get rid of. Fortunately for you, Facebook Purity can help dissolve any unwanted content.

If there is unwanted stuff filling up your feed such as stories and posts, Facebook Purity can step in and make sure it doesn’t constantly reappear.

Remove spy apps from Facebook

While it is no secret that Facebook has the inside scoop on what you do via the internet, it is easy to make setting changes to remove applications that feed information to Facebook. These apps could be told you haven’t used in weeks or months, but, still pop-up on your feed from time to time.

Removing these apps from your Facebook page is rather simple. In the top right corner, select the upside-down triangle in the top right corner of your computer screen to open the settings option. Once this is opened, navigate to the apps listing and open a new page by selecting apps. This page will show you everything that is being followed with the app icons.

Each individual icon will have a small pencil next to it which allows you to change the app settings. If you click on the pencil, you will be given the option to remove the apps one-by-one. This feature also allows you to remove videos or photographs affiliated with the applications listed.

Download photos from Facebook

There are a number of reasons you may want to download images from Facebook. You may be starting a new job and know there are images your new boss shouldn’t be seeing, so you need to delete them from your page.

Or, you’re deleting your account and want to backup some images that aren’t on your phone or computer. If you want to backup images on your computer, it’s incredibly simple.

If you are backing up images from your computer, click on the image and then click the options button at the bottom right of the screen. Select download to copy it to your desktop or files. If you are downloading from your phone select the three dots and press the same download option.

If you plan on downloading an entire photo book or any other documents from Facebook, go to your Facebook information then select download your Facebook information. It’s important to note that this information is password-protected, so, be sure to remember the codes you use to sign in to Facebook.

Clean up your news feed on Facebook

Facebook comes with a number of annoyances. Everyday posts pop onto your timeline that you may or may not want to see. It could be your neighbor continuously posting pictures of her cat or your coworker always talking about politics.

With SocialFixer you can set filters to block the content that bugs you to no end. The download comes with preset filters but you can also create your own by plugging in keywords that will search for unwanted content.

You can also block sponsored posts and some advertisements. SocialFixer is available by tapping or clicking here, or on most web browsers as an extension.

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