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Easily find words on the tip of your tongue

You know those metal things that orbit the Earth? We use them to get a signal. I’m picturing it in my head but I just can’t think of the name for it. I think it starts with an “S.”It’s so frustrating when we can’t think of the right word for something. If you know multiple languages then I’m sure it’s a problem you face daily. This website can help you find the word you’re looking for.Chirag Mehta, a 36-year-old in Florida, created the site that houses his blog and several other projects. One of those projects is called “Tip of My Tongue.” The goal is to help you “find that word that you’ve been thinking about all day but just can’t seem to remember.”It’s free and easy to use. You just type in the information that you know on the left and search results populate on the right. You can fill in hints like the letters at the beginning of the mystery word and keywords associated with its definition. When I entered “S” and “orbit,” satellite, the word I couldn’t think of earlier, was the first result!
(If you’re reading this on the app, click here to see this photo.)
The system pulls words and definitions from online dictionaries to compile the search results. Chirag said it’s not infallible but it does provide quick results that help you get closer to what you’re looking for. He does accept suggestions via email if you have an idea that would make the program better.So if you tend to have trouble remembering the right word then give this free website a try! Click the button below. *Note: The website version is free. There’s also an iOS app that is $2.99.
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