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If you’re like me, you already have a handful of favorite restaurants that you frequent on a regular basis. There’s an Italian restaurant not far from me that I always crave and have to take anyone from out of town who visits.But how do you discover new places to try? You could always drive around, or walk through your neighborhood to see if anything new catches your eye. The problem with that is, it’s a hit-or-miss method that could leave you extremely disappointed. There has to be a better way.That’s where The Infatuation app comes into play.The app is a great resource for information on local restaurants. It helps you find the perfect spot for special occasions like date night, dinner with parents and much more.You can search through the app’s database of thousands of locations that have been carefully reviewed by unbiased editors. Reviewers test each restaurant without the owner’s knowledge, so they can write an impartial review.Here are some of The Infatuation app features:
  • Nearby – Find nearby restaurants around your current location. You can also move the map to see restaurants anywhere and everywhere.
  • Search – Browse and combine from four different search categories to find the restaurant that best suits your needs. Categories include: Perfect for (example filters – girls’ night out, late night eats, outdoor/patio situation), Cuisine, Neighborhood and more.
  • Hit List – Keep track of your favorite new restaurants and the ones that you have been meaning to try.
This app currently covers several major U.S. cities and a handful across the globe. Its creators say that they’re working to expand the app to cover more cities and it will eventually work everywhere.The Infatuation app is free and available for both iOS and Android, just click the appropriate link we provide in the blue boxes below. Or click here to download for Apple gadgets. Click here to download for Android gadgets.

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