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Find recipe and menu ideas for whatever you’d like to cook

What are you having for dinner tonight? If you’ve got a large family and find yourself cooking most of the meals or just happen to love experimenting with food, you’ve probably asked (or have been asked) that question many, many times.

Or, maybe you have something in mind but need the perfect recipe to bring it all together. The truth is, if you’re a foodie or the sole provider of dinner in your household, you could always use a better way to store recipes or sift through them to figure out what it is you’re going to prepare every day.

Enter this cool site, your new favorite web destination.

What is Epicurious?

Whether you know exactly what you want to prepare or need some help figuring it out, Epicurious can help you make the perfect dinner. The site is completely free to use, and right off the bat, you’ll notice it has a very attractive layout with large, high-quality images of different dishes to entice you into perhaps making something new.

From the main landing page, there’s a large search area that you can type in the kind of cuisine you’re looking for a recipe for. Epicurious is also something of a search engine that you can use to sift through articles related to the food you’re looking for, so you have several different resources to look through.

For instance, searching for “macaroni and cheese” brings up every article related to the dish Epicurious has aggregated. Using the “Show” filter at the top right of your search results, you can further refine what the site shows you.

If you’d rather not read about macaroni and cheese as part of a few listicles about side dishes or anything like that, you can change the filter to show just recipes, just articles, galleries, or other options to further cut back on the results you get.

But, if you don’t want to search for something specific you can always use the sidebar on the left of the site. This lets you sift through recipes and full menus, ingredient lists for inspiration, expert advice on popular cooking topics, how-to videos, and holiday-specific pages to find something that strikes your fancy.

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 When you do select a recipe, it always loads on a clean, easy-to-read page with large images and simple instructions complete with an explicit recipe list. It even loads beautifully on mobile, just in case you want to look off of your phone to see what the next step is.

Most importantly, it provides you with plenty of options. And that’s what we really want when we’re grumpily thumbing through recipes ahead of dinner, trying to figure out what to eat, right? Suggestions, options, and a way out of the haze of indecision.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to the “I have no idea what I’m going to cook” blues, Epicurious is a simple and reliable cure that won’t set you back any cash out of pocket. Plus, you may even pick up a few new culinary tricks along the way — and that’s worth a trip alone, right?

To give Epicurious a try, use the link we’ve provided below inside the blue box. Or, tap or click here. App background

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