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Find out your neighbor’s name the easy way

If you’ve lived in the same home for years, there’s a good chance you know your neighbors. They might even be your friends.

But if you’re new to the area, prefer to keep to yourself or have neighbors who do, a quick wave while you’re taking out the trash might be as far as your relationship goes.

So, who are your neighbors? What makes them tick? Are your kids and grandkids safe to play around them? It’s hard to learn more about them if you don’t know their names. Now that we’re spending more time at home it might be time to reach out and meet them.

Meet an old friend updated for a digital world

This site can help. But first a warning.

This website, like many other people search sites, gives you basic information for free. If you are not careful, you will find yourself in a pay area or at another site because you clicked an ad.

That said, you can use to find your neighbor’s names. Once you have that information, you can do all sorts of searches for them online.

It’s like an electronic version of the old White Pages you’d get delivered to your house. Remember those?

Simply choose Reverse Address from the home page, enter an address and Whitepages will return information, including the person’s name who lives there. This makes it super easy to find out your neighbor’s name.

Now that you have a name, time to do some digging. Tap or click here for the next steps you need to take to find out more about your neighbors.

Curious what others will find out about you? Here’s how to run a free background check on yourself.

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