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Find out what people might pay for your house

If you’ve considered buying or selling a home, now’s the time. The U.S. economy has made a promising turn around from the Great Recession and consumers are now feeling more confident in their spending habits.

As with any big decision, equipping yourself with the right information and tools is imperative. After all, there are many considerations that go into buying, selling, or renting a home.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t had the opportunity to dabble in the real estate market or perhaps you skipped out on that economics course in college, the thought of buying a home alone may deter you from beginning the process.


How to shop for a house, in 3 steps with 6 online tools


And, it is a process. There are many factors to consider from mortgages to financing options to home amenities to property values, even school districts. And, of course, the exuberant number of real estate companies that may exist in your town. Thankfully there is a cool site that may help you navigate the deep and rough waters of the real estate market.

See how much you can sell your house for


Zillow is a great tool for those who are looking to buy or sell their house. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Seattle, Zillow is one of the leading rental and real estate marketplaces for consumers. Zillow’s database features over 110 million U.S. homes, so you are bound to find what you are in the market for whether it be a condo, a house, a rental home, or even properties not currently listed.

As we have learned by now, buying or selling a home can be very intimidating but the app developers at Zillow can help connect you with the best professionals in your area.

However, before you meet with a real estate agent, you can use the Zillow marketplace to browse home values and rent prices in your neighborhood, or any neighborhood within the U.S. for that matter. You can also use the Zestimate feature to determine what your home may be worth. Think of Zillow as a real estate study guide that can help you better prepare for one of life’s biggest “exams” – homeownership.

If you’re searching for a new home, you can conduct a search for properties in your area using Zillow’s built-in filters ranging from home type, the number of bedrooms, amenities, listing type and school district. If you’re looking to sell your home, be sure to check out Zillow’s home seller guide, which is filled with tips and tricks on how to make the home selling process more effective and less time-consuming.


How much is my house worth?


Zillow also has several built-in calculators designed to help you navigate the various mortgage lenders and rates. The site also features an entire directory where you can read reviews on the mortgage lenders in your desired location.

Zillow is also incredibly helpful for agents as well. They can create a Zillow account and publish, edit and share their current listings. Homeowners looking to sell their home can also use Zillow to list their property.

You can visit the Zillow website by tapping or clicking here. Zillow also has four different apps; a real estate app, a rentals app, a mortgages app and a rental manager app all of which are compatible on Android and Apple devices. Tap or click here to learn more about the Zillow apps.

Happy shopping!

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