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Find out key information about your router with this site

If you’re a modern-era internet user, then you probably have a router sitting somewhere in your home. Sometimes these devices come combined with your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) modems.If you’re anything like me you, probably don’t think much about your router until it either needs to be upgraded or there’s a problem with the device. With the continuous news coverage of security flaws on our modern devices and services, internet security for your wireless gateways are becoming more important by the day.Now if you’ve ever lost some of that key information to reconfigure or learn more about your current router, then may be the place you need to be. This all-in-one website includes some great information about the various routers and brands in a simple-to-use interface.

How does the site work?

The website includes a simple, directory-based design so you can search by brand under the default view or even by model. If you’re lost on exactly what model of router you have, there are a number of ways to check. You can look under the device for the model number or you can log in to the router itself.

What can information can I find?

While selecting a router, it will pull up all the easy to find information that you’ll likely need to know. Once you’ve chosen your router, it will display:
  • The name of the device.
  • A one to two sentence description.
  • An image of the device which should match yours.
  • Router details and default settings.
  • Features of the router.

What’s important for you?

The main priorities are the default IP address to log in to the device, the default password, and the default username. Sometimes changing the default password isn’t on the priority list, but it should be immediately after you set up your device.In addition to changing your login security details, you’ll want to be sure you have the security features turned on for your router to prevent hackers and malware from infecting your machine. Using the default information isn’t advisable and what you can do is give yourself a better chance at securing the system with a stronger password.


This website is helpful for discovering the most important details about your wireless system. It provides you with information about what’s equipped with your wireless tech and what you should be aware of to secure it.It’s always handy to know what your router is capable of and to make sure you’ve done your part to keep it safe and secure from the possible malicious content on the internet.
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