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Find out if your doctor takes money from drug companies

Doctors and health care providers don’t just make money from your health insurance payments. Many doctors and hospitals also get paid from pharmaceutical manufacturers and other companies. Do you know who’s paying your doctor?Now you can find out with the helpful cool site Dollars for Docs, which searches the Centers from Medicare and Medicaid Services database for information. This tool reveals if your doctor or hospital is taking payments from pharmaceutical companies and other health care manufacturers and exactly how large those payments are.Just because your doctor is receiving a payment doesn’t mean there is necessarily a conflict of interest. They could be receiving payments for lots of different reasons like research activities, gifts, speaking fees, meals, or travel for conferences. This tool ensures that all of that information is out in the open, so you can stay informed about your health care providers.The site is very simple to use. Just enter your doctor’s information and click search.Be sure to enter as much information as you can like name, city, state, ZIP code and specialty in order to ensure best results. The database includes millions of records, so the more specific you are the better. You can also search by knowing which hospitals or companies are making payments.Dollars for Docs will return matching results after you click the search button. If you see your doctor, click their name to see payments. The payments page will show you all sorts of useful information like payment amounts, who made the payment and what the payment was for.To get started, click on the link we’ve provided below inside the blue box.

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