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Is your browser up to date? Find out how to update it

A good web browser makes getting online and exploring the Internet quick, easy and safe. Browsers can only consistently protect you if they’re regularly updated, however.

It can be confusing to figure out the version of the browser you’re running, and confusing to update too. For example, last week Google recommended that everyone update their Chrome browser because of a dangerous zero-day exploit.

Go to to see what version of your web browser you’re running, and update it today.

It’s not just good to update your web browser, it’s necessary—updates keep your browser running quickly, and safely by keeping up with bugs and possible hacks. If you need further convincing read on to learn more about Update my Browser, and how it can help you today.

See your browser version—and update it

Just by going to, you can see what browser you’re using, if you’re unsure, and which version. Update my Browser lists Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera on its home page, and can correctly identify your browser from within that list.

If you access Update my Browser from a browser not on the list, like Vivaldi, the site will see you as using one of the browsers it knows—in Vivaldi’s case, it comes up as Chrome.

Update my Browser isn’t a perfect site, then, but since a majority of people use one of the six browsers listed, it’s still incredibly useful for its second feature. Once it identifies which browser you are using, Update my Browser also reads which version of the browser you are running.

Through a simple bit of code, the site sees which update number you are on, and simultaneously sees from your browser’s developers if there’s a more recent version you can download. And it makes it easy for you to update your browser right then and there by giving you an “Update now” button to get the latest version.

Once it takes you to a developer’s website, just follow the directions for the download on that page, and then launch the installer from your downloads folder, or wherever you saved the download. After that, your browser will be up to date.

Why you should update your web browser

But of course, convenient as Update my Browser makes it, you might still be wondering why it’s important to update your web browser. It comes down to two main reasons: updating your browser improves your Internet speed, and it makes being on the Internet a lot safer.

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We’ve talked before about how browser extensions can speed up your connection, download and upload times. Updating your browser does that too. Browser developers aim to improve performance with every update they provide so their browser runs more efficiently, and with more speed. This also means updates can result in better functionality, and new or better controls for your web browsing experience. So updating gets your browser to run faster, and to work better too.

One of the major parts that works better when you update your browser is the browser’s security functions. Updating to the latest version of your web browser guarantees you have all known openings for hackers closed and walled off, as well as known bugs addressed and repaired. There’s a lot you can personally do to protect yourself online regardless of your browser version, but updating your browser can keep you that much safer. Any advancements in coding or tech can get implemented in a browser update, after all, and when your computer is protected, you’re protected too.

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A really important safety consideration is that the older your browser version is, the less likely the developers are actively keeping it safe. They’re busy making sure their latest browser updates are functioning normally, and are keeping users relatively safe as they surf the web. Your older browser won’t be left behind right away, but the longer you wait to update, the more at risk you become. is also an open source site, so you can easily check out the code that makes this functionality possible, and even include it on your own website, so other people can see if they need to update.

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