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Find exciting outdoor adventures the whole family will love

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean confining yourself to the gym. Hiking, kayaking and mountain biking are just a few exciting ways you can get your heart rate up. But if you don’t know much about the great outdoors then finding the best trails can be a challenge.The Yonder app is a great place to start. The developers created it to “inspire and enable a love for the outdoors.” This free app makes it easy to discover destinations near and far that will quench your thirst for adventure.Yonder is a social media app just for people who love the outdoors. It’s a community of adventurers who share their exciting experiences through photographs from their trips. (Think Instagram, only with travel photos) You can follow other Yonderers, upload your own photos, and search nearby excursions.When you first download the app, you’ll create an account. If you use Facebook to get started, you can follow other Facebook friends who use Yonder. If you use your email address then you can follow contacts from your email account. You can invite friends to use the app as well.Once your account is set up, Yonder will give you a quick tutorial of its features, which you can access through the five icons at the bottom of your screen:The mountain button will show you posts from popular users. Tap “Following” to see your newsfeed for posts from people you follow.The arrow button shows you a map of your area and markers indicate destinations and posts from people who visited those spots.Click the plus sign button to add a post to your own profile. You can give the app access to your phone’s camera to take photos through the app or upload pictures from your library. Then add tags and a caption. Once your post is finished, you can share it to Facebook or Twitter.The magnifying glass button will help you meet other Yonderers and see which destinations are trending.The profile button will show you a grid of all your photos, your newsfeed, a map of markers that indicate where you’ve traveled to and a list of your adventures.To discover the adventures that await, click one of the blue buttons below to try Yonder. You can also click here to download the app from the App Store and click here to download the app from the Google Play store.
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