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Find a good movie to watch anytime, anywhere

Do you engage in binge-watching on Netflix? Or is Hulu’s new live TV option your preference? Maybe Prime Video is your go-to since you’re already an Amazon Prime member.agoodmovietowatch is one place where all of these cinephiles can unite because it provides suggestions from all three of these popular streaming platforms.What sets agoodmovietowatch apart from other sites is the caliber of their recommendations. Their mission is “unearthing the best films that our users haven’t gotten around to seeing, but are going to totally love.”So instead of the same old blockbusters and classics you’ve seen a million times, agoodmovietowatch will expose you to quality films that you haven’t heard too much about. All of the films featured on the site are highly rated but haven’t received a lot of buzz.“We don’t think business plans or marketing dollars should decide the fate of a film. We think the only important thing is how good the movie is — the rest just gets in the way,” their site states.The site is super user-friendly. From the home page, you can click “Random” for an immediate suggestion. (Click “Netflix” instead of “All” if you want to narrow down your search.)The next page will be your recommendation. You can read a synopsis, watch the trailer, and find out who wrote, directed, and starred in the film. An icon in the top-right corner will tell you where you can stream the film.And if you’re really a movie buff then there are links on the page so that you can find out even more about the film. Just click the Internet Movie Database, Rotten Tomatoes, or Wikipedia icons below the title and rating.Another way to find a good movie to watch is to click “Best Films” from the circle on the home page or the tab at the top. These films were handpicked by the site’s staff and rated well by critics and viewers.Don’t see your favorite obscure masterpiece on the site? agoodmovietowatch also takes your suggestions. It just has to be a film that was made after 1982, has at least 70 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, at least a 7-star rating on IMDb, and not too well-known.If you follow them on their social media platforms then you can get daily recommendations too. To try agoodmovietowatch, click here or click the blue button below.

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