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Finally wake up feeling rested!

We’ve all had those mornings where we “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” You feel groggy, irritated and you know it won’t be a good day.What if you could wake up feeling refreshed every morning instead? An app like the Sleep Cycle alarm clock might do the trick.Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleeping patterns so that its alarm can wake you up during your lightest sleep phase. When you wake up during this cycle, it feels like you woke up naturally.Everyone’s personal sleep cycle consists of different phases and your body moves differently during each phase. The Sleep Cycle app uses a microphone to track your movements and distinguish one phase from another. When you set an alarm through the app, it wakes you up within a window of time that combines your lightest sleep phase and the time you set the alarm.For the app to work, you must give it access to your microphone and allow it to send you push notifications. Before you go to bed, plug your phone into the charger. If you have an iPhone then you must rest the phone on a nightstand. If you have an Android phone then you need to place it on your bed (make sure you don’t place it underneath pillows and sheets).To hit snooze, just tap your phone twice or pick it up. The “Intelligent Snooze” setting will shorten the time between each consecutive snooze alarm. The “Regular Snooze” will set a specified amount of minutes between each snooze alarm, each time. Click one of the blue buttons below to give it a try tonight.

P.S. Waking up during a sleep cycle isn’t the only reason you may not be getting a good night’s sleep. The bright blue light from your electronics could be affecting you and your child’s sleeping habits too. Read this article for some solutions to your tech related sleep problems. Also, check out these two other apps that can track your sleeping habits.

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