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Yes, you can file your taxes for free

If you aren’t already excited, time to get there because it’s tax season! Oh, you mean this isn’t a time of year you look forward to?Hmm… Well, be that as it may, the taxes have to be filed at some point, and the April 17 deadline is rapidly approaching. In fact, if you listen carefully, you might even be able to hear it creeping up.Everyone’s hoping for a refund right? Or at the very least not having to owe anything! You won’t know for sure until you fill out those tax forms and luckily you can do that without having to pay big bucks.

Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be expensive

There are plenty of experts you could take your taxes to, and by and large, they would do a good job of ensuring you pay as little as possible or get back as much as you can. They are not cheap to turn to, however, which is why many choose to try and do their taxes themselves.Many rely on programs like TurboTax to guide them through the process, while others may go with H&R Block’s program or something like TaxAct or TaxSlayer. Each program offers varying levels of features and support, but generally the more you pay, the more you get.But before you run out to buy any of them, just know that you do not have to pay anything to file your federal income tax. The IRS is offering Free File for federal (not state) returns, and it’s a pretty simple process to get through.Just head to and click on the link for “Free File.” From there, you will be taken to a screen that asks you to choose one of two options, based on what your filing income is. If you made less than $66,000, the process will be a bit easier and you will be provided with a way to try and find free filing options for your state return, too.For people filing above $66,000, it asks that you know how to do your taxes because the site mostly just offers math and basic guidance. It will not provide you with any help for your state return.Along with the ability to file your taxes, the site also provides answers to other important tax-related questions, such as, when and where to file as well as notes for students, members of the military, parents, seniors and retirees.Have a question about filing taxes online? Kim has your answer! Click here to send Kim a question, she may use it and answer it on her radio show. The Kim Komando Show is broadcast on over 450 stations. Click here to find the show time in your area.

Tax season can be stressful so make sure you sleep well

Some people may suffer from sleep disorders that need the attention of a medical professional, but a lot of people can improve their slumber and fight insomnia by taking a few simple steps and making some small adjustments to their routines. Reclaim your dream time with these five tips for getting a better night’s sleep.
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