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Fastest and easiest way to lose weight and improve your health

Most of us would like to live healthier lifestyles, even if we are not sure of how to do it. Sure, we know what we are supposed to do, but actually finding the time to hit the gym regularly and eat better is difficult.If it was easy to do, everyone who had interest in losing some weight or just being in overall better health would. Of course, there are many different diet and exercise plans you could sign up for, which by and large do a good job but can get pretty pricey.There are also apps that will help, though finding a good one is easier said than done, especially if you’re not looking to spend much money. There are some free options, one of which you will want if eating better is at the top of your list.

Track what’s on your plate

The app is called MyPlate Calorie Counter, and it is created by While there are many apps with similar functions, this one has some features that put it above the others.For instance, not only can you enter in the food you eat to get a caloric count, but you can search for common meals that are already in its database. Hitting up a fast food joint or other restaurant for a meal? Odds are its details will be available through MyPlate.You can also scan the bar codes of packaged products, with them then showing up with all the nutritional information you would need to help keep your eating in check.Of course MyPlate does not have every food item ever created in its database, but it has a lot. Restaurants, grocery store brands — if you can buy it, chances are it’s in there. On the off chance it’s not, you have the ability to manually add a food, and once you enter in the name and its relevant details the item will be stored in the system.

How does it help?

When it comes to eating healthy, information is key but along with logging your food, MyPlate also provides a baseline for just how much you should be eating in the first place. Factoring in your height, current weight, weight goal, activity level and weekly target, it will show you how much you should eat every day.

You get even more if you pay for membership

All the stuff listed previously comes with the free version, but like most apps, there is an option to receive more if you are willing to pay for extra features. In this case, a one-month membership costs $9.99, while six months will run $29.99 and one year $44.99.That will get you a Gold Membership, which in turn will provide advanced stats (daily averages, trends, etc.), in-app Gold members only workouts, exclusive access to a Gold Members community board and their Clean eating Guide (with 21 recipes and tips for eating clean). Also, the app will have zero ads and you will receive priority customer support.

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