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Fast and private web browser that rivals Google Chrome and Firefox

What is your standard web browser of choice? On desktops, you’re probably using your operating system’s default web browser, which is Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 or Safari on macOS. Or alternatively, you might be using third-party browsers like the immensely popular Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.With our daily web browsing increasingly shifting from the desk to our phones, these popular third-party desktop web browsers now have mobile counterparts. There are now mobile browser apps for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Note: Check out Firefox’s new mobile private browser Focus.

While these are convenient for integrating our desktop browsing profiles (histories, bookmarks, password, etc.) while on the go, it’s obvious that their desktop versions still take priority when it comes to development.They’re usable but they usually lack the compelling mobile-only features that could make them stand apart from their desktop counterparts.However, one third-party web browser has focused solely on improving the mobile browsing experience (and has remained so) since its inception.It is called the Dolphin browser and it has consistently delivered the best mobile web browsing experience to millions of iOS and Android mobile gadgets around the world.The team behind Dolphin describes it as a “free, fast, smart and personal web browser for iPhone and iPad” and “the best browser for Android.”Using it, we can’t help but agree. Dolphin has a number of great features that specifically enhances the mobile browsing experience.Features like the built-in ad/pop-up blockers, private (incognito) browsing mode, “speed dial” for oft-used websites, multiple tabs, theme support and several useful modes like night mode, fullscreen mode, no image mode and desktop mode.My favorite feature has to be the customizable gesture feature for browser tasks. This feature, obviously developed with touchscreens in mind, lets you trace figures on the screen to perform specific actions.Gestures can be made to do a variety of actions including opening new tabs, top of page, bottom of page, refresh, back, forward, close tabs and for opening your favorite websites. (Draw a G figure to go to the Google home page or an F for Facebook, for example.) On the Android version of the Dolphin browser, you can even install various add-ons to supplement your experience. You can likewise use Dolphin’s voice support called Sonar to search, share and navigate through the web. (Note: Sonar is a paid option on iOS).For even more convenience, both iOS and Android versions of the browser allow integration with a Dolphin account for syncing of bookmarks and tabs across devices. For desktop integration, the Dolphin extensions for Chrome or Firefox will allow you to sync your desktop browser bookmarks as well.Ready to try this excellent mobile browser? Click on the blue download links below.

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