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Eat This Much meal planning site
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Trying to stick to a new diet? This site helps you plan meals

On a diet? We feel you. The struggle is real, so we’re always interested in covering the best ways to lose weight online. Tap or click for health tests you can take online.

Many of us know we need to drop a few pounds, and some have refined these goals into complex numbers, caloric deficits, and ideal proportions of daily macronutrient intake. Good news. We’ve found a great way to keep track of your meals.

Eat This Much is a popular site amongst ordinary people doing their best to break free of the traditional American diet. It’s much more than a fun diet book at your local library. Read on to check out the website and diet calculator that started it all.

How to use Eat This Much for weight loss

The web tool is straightforward. Visit the Eat This Much site and check out the first form you see. The website asks for three critical pieces of information: Your dietary lifestyle, daily calorie goal and the number of meals you prefer to eat daily.

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If you’re not quite sure, hit the orange Not sure? link for more options. Are you looking for muscular gains or to maintain? What’s your height and weight? What do your daily activity levels look like, on average?

After giving your info, Eat This Much will calculate a custom weight loss plan and goals to help you succeed. It’ll automatically generate a full day of meals with recipes, instructions and a complete nutritional profile.

If you don’t like what you see, you can favorite what you are into and regenerate the rest of the menu with one click. It’s the perfect diet tool for people who have no idea what they’re doing.

You’ll find a complete list of these dietitian-approved recipes here. You can personalize any healthy meal ideas the site offers with a free account.

There’s even a streamlined pipeline into your AmazonFresh cart, which means you can do all of your shopping while you browse the best of what Eat This Much has to offer.

Here’s a quick video detailing how the tool works.

Is Eat This Much premium worth it?

For $9 month-to-month or $5 per month on an annual plan, you’ll have access to weekly meal planning, family meal planning, meal plan templates, and even tools that allow you to allocate your leftovers responsibly.

There’s a reason that this brand has been able to branch out into book deals, celebrity endorsements, and near-ubiquity in the world of personal wellness. Check it out for yourself and feel the difference.

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