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Eat at Burger King over last two years? They might owe you money

Ever eat fast food? Well, if you’re in the beautifully healthy land of the USA the answer is almost certainly, “of course!” Burger King is a favorite, and it has been a staple of fast food my whole life. ‘Dat’ Whopper. Which is why I was disappointed to read about a new class action lawsuit against them.According to the KCC Burger King Corporation, Injunctive Relief Settlement website the massive fast food chain has agreed to a settlement in a class action lawsuit against them.

A coupon that increases the price?

Burger King is in trouble for allegedly overcharging customers that used a specific coupon for a “Croissan’wich” purchase. The coupon, which reads, “buy-one-get-one-free” would signal the register to charge a more than normal price for the first sandwich.Of course, this is a deceptive marketing practice and although Burger King denies any intentional wrongdoing, they have still agreed to refund $2.00-$5.00 in Burger King gift cards to any individual who submits a valid claim form.To learn how to submit a claim form or to learn more about the legal specifications of this settlement, head over to the official website created specifically to address this legal settlement.Check out the claims website here Stay healthy America!

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