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Easy way to earn extra money by simply renting a spare room

Most of us would love to make some extra money from time to time. Whether you’re trying to pay off those high-interest credit cards, save for the next family vacation, or a retiree living on a budget, there are plenty of ways to earn some additional dough.One of the easiest side hustles these days is to rent out a spare room in your home. You might not believe how much money you can actually make by doing this.The problem is, most people don’t know where to begin. Now worries, we’ve got you covered.The best place to bring in revenue from renting your home is Airbnb. Start by downloading the free Airbnb app.It’s also a great way to find cheap places to stay when you’re on vacation. When you’re traveling, instead of paying top dollar for a fine hotel, find a reasonably priced rental through Airbnb.Through the Airbnb app, you’re able to find travel adventures and new places to go far away or near to you, and access vacation home rentals, new experiences, and places to visit all around the world. Book everything for your trip, or start earning money as a host.Here are some of the app’s features:
  • Book travel experiences – Go on local experiences led by native experts, whether it’s for multiple days or just an afternoon.
  • Book vacation homes – Choose from over 4 million vacation home rentals across more than 190 countries. Search by price, neighborhood, amenities and more.
  • Popular destinations – Experience beautiful sights and find local guides for the perfect vacation.
For hosts:
  • Share your extra space or host experiences that showcase what makes your city great.
  • Update your listing and calendar availability.
  • Share what’s special about your neighborhood with a host guidebook.
  • Message guests and manage their reservations.
For travelers:
  • Book vacation home rentals and travel experiences for your next solo journey, family vacation, or business trip.
  • Search for last minute travel accommodations or long term rentals.
  • Save your favorite rental homes, experiences, and places. Invite friends and family to plan the trip with you.
  • Add experiences and events to your itinerary.
  • Message your host and get directions to your rental property.
This free app is great for those looking to make some extra money and those looking to save money when they travel. It’s available for both iOS and Android. Just click on the appropriate link inside the blue boxes below.
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