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Easy way to delete any online account or profile

There are dozens of sites that I have accounts on that contain bits and pieces of my information.Guess what? They have the same scoop on you. Most sites will have your email address, username and password at a minimum. This could be a problem if any of the sites have a data breach.However, there are steps you can take to keep yourself protected. I recommend getting rid of old, unwanted and unused accounts. Just wipe the slate clean.Remember that Myspace account that you haven’t used in over a decade? Nothing good will come from keeping unused accounts like that around. It’s time to get rid of them all.Sound like a tough thing to tackle? Sure, every site has different rules on how to close your account, and some are more difficult to get rid of than others. The good news is, this cool site can help with that.It’s called AccountKiller. The site has a collection of direct links and instructions on how to easily delete your accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Groupon and hundreds of other sites and services.With AccountKiller’s color-coding system, you can see at a glance if a site will be easy or hard to leave. White means it is easy to remove, while the ones in gray or black are harder to deactivate.If a site like Skype, for example, won’t let you easily delete your account, AccountKiller will tell you how to hide your personal data. It can also provide you with any of the necessary contact information you need to erase your digital footprints.

Note: Before deleting any of your accounts, you need to understand that many of them are unrecoverable. Meaning once you’ve deleted it, all information associated with it will be gone forever. Most likely you can create a new account if you choose to later, but it will be like starting from scratch.

If you need to delete other accounts that are not listed on AccountKiller, do an online search for “How to delete,” and add the name of the account you’d like to delete.To start protecting your information now, click on the link we’ve provided below inside the blue box. If you’re reading this article using the app, you might not see the link. If not, click here to see it.

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