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Expensive dog food is worth it because it saves money on vet bills
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Is expensive dog food worth the money?

Presented by Dr. Marty - My dog LOVES this food! Yours will, too

Presented by Dr. Marty - My dog LOVES this food! Yours will, too

Save 54% on your first order, plus get a free bag of Dr. Marty’s bestselling dog treats.

When it comes to pet care, you shouldn’t cut corners. Do you buy the cheapest brand of food for your furry friend? Bad idea.

Many dog food suppliers do whatever they can to save money, so they’ll throw fillers into their feed. That means your pooch could be chowing down on chicken manure, sawdust and lead.

If you want what’s best for your pet, you need to investigate the food itself, from the quality to the ingredients. Often, expensive dog food is worth it — but you shouldn’t fall for marketing schemes. Here’s what to watch out for.

This truth might surprise you

Paradoxically, spending more money on your dog food can help you save money over time. You just need to buy from a high-quality food brand like Dr. Marty’s. More on that later, along with a special link to save you some cash.

Overall, there are two things to keep in mind.

  1. Cheap prices generally reflect poor-quality foods: Some have ingredients that can actually worsen your dog’s health. You might be introducing cancer risks through your dog’s diet.
  2. Don’t fall for fancy marketing terms: Just because dog food is expensive doesn’t mean it’s high value. Marketers may mislead you with words like “natural” or “premium.” Those terms don’t mean anything since there aren’t industry-wide definitions for these words.

Here’s the sweet spot. You want to pick something with good ingredients, which will most likely cost more. But before you buy, look at the list of ingredients.

The first item reflects what the bulk of the dog food is made of. If a bag’s first listed ingredient is a grain or another filler, put it back. You want something with protein as the No. 1 ingredient.

So how is expensive and high-quality dog food easier on your wallet? If your dog maintains a healthy diet throughout their life, they’ll have fewer health problems. This means you’ll spend less at the vet’s office. You won’t spend as much money on medications for your pooch, either.

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Put your dog’s nutritional needs first

Each dog requires a unique diet. Younger dogs will need a calorie-rich diet with lots of protein. Bigger dogs will need nutrient-rich foods that will fill them up. Senior dogs don’t need as much protein, though.

Talk to your veterinarian. They may suggest brands you’ll have to research and test out. Or you can save time by going with Kim’s favorite brand, Nature’s Blend.

What are you feeding your dog? Chances are, even if it’s premium or organic dog food, it contains 50% to 64% processed cereal byproducts with little nutritional value. For 45+ years, Dr. Marty Goldstein has been a pioneer in pet nutrition. Nature’s Blend is a premium freeze-dried, raw dog food made in North America, designed to mimic what your dog would eat in the wild.

Get this: 81% of the food is made from real cuts of raw turkey, raw beef, raw salmon and raw organ meats. The rest is omega-3-rich seeds, superfood veggies and fruits. They offer a hassle-free, full refund within 90 days of purchase if your dog doesn’t love it.

For a limited time, save 54% on your first order, plus get a free bag of Dr. Marty’s bestselling dog treatsTap or click here to visit, or just text KIM to 511511.

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