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You have to see this: A YouTuber built an elevator for his 20-year-old cat

You would be hard-pressed to find a cat owner who wouldn’t do anything to make their feline friend’s life a bit easier. From elaborate cat castles to complex toys, cats genuinely enjoy a good, relaxing life. Unfortunately, they can struggle as they age.

The first signs of aging usually happen when they turn about 7-years-old. In human years, that’s around 44. This is when their energy levels begin to diminish, and they could struggle to get up the stairs or onto furniture. Tap or click here for seven ways your smartphone can help with DIY projects.

But YouTuber Liam Thompson came up with a brilliant invention to help his aging pet. The Australian has made a name for himself online by showcasing his many DIY projects on his channel. You just have to see this fantastic elevator he made.

Here’s the backstory

Thompson put his knowledge to good use when his cat Frodo started to struggle to get down the stairs. Frodo loves to sit in the sun by the pool, but at 20-years-old, it has become increasingly challenging to make the journey.

Detailing how he would construct the elevator, he said it would be similar to a rollercoaster he built in his backyard.

The “catevator” is made from a simple basket and track system, where the basket is winched down the track. With a lick of paint and some testing, Frodo has a personal elevator to get down the stairs. It is incredible to see the expression on Frodo’s face, a mixture of glee and a little bit of trepidation.

Watch the video below, uploaded less than a week ago and has almost 1 million views.

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