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Discover and share your favorite beer

How much do you know about beer? It’s an alcoholic beverage, yes, but is that as far as your knowledge base stretches?If so there is nothing wrong with that, because for many that is more than enough. But for others, beer is an adventure, or at least they would like for it to be.That concept has become easier these days as the craft beer industry has exploded. New breweries are popping up everywhere, and the creativity they are showing in their beers has provided more options than ever before.

How do I know what to pick?

One thing that can help with your decision is to talk to bartenders, most of whom are very knowledgeable about the drinks they are serving. Another option is Untappd, a popular app for beer snobs and enthusiasts alike.Untappd is very intuitive but quite simple. All you do is set up an account using your phone number or Facebook and from there you have access to an incredible library of beer and mead, with ratings and reviews for all.You can search for beers by name or brewery, sort by style or rating, and even discover what is on tap and available at nearby bars. It will help you discover nearby venues and events anywhere in the world.Especially useful in an unfamiliar area, it can really help you narrow down some choices when the entire menu looks appealing. Instead of guessing — possibly wasting both money and time on beers you will not enjoy — you can consult the ratings, read reviews and make a more informed decision. That is all to help you find beers. Once you enjoy them, you can check into each one and rate them yourselves.You can earn badges for doing so, with them being awarded for all sorts of reasons. Making it into a bit of a game, they help to make beer exploration even more fun.Obviously Untappd, which is free for both iOS and Android with the option to pay for more features, is not for everybody. If you are not into beer or are not all that interested in trying something new, it will not do much for you.But if exploring and discovering new beer is something you want to do, it will help guide the way. While doing so remember to drink responsibly and be safe. Cheers!
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