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Create your home in 2D and see it in 3D

You probably have an idea of how your dream home will look like, right?With the blueprint outlined inside your head – the floor plan, the number of rooms, even the type of furniture and appliances, all the way down to the type of paint or wallpaper you’re going to adorn it with, you just can’t wait to make that dream a reality.But don’t you just wish there’s a way to render your construction or remodeling ideas into something that’s in three-dimensional space?Now you could. I found this cool free site that lets you do just that; design, build, visualize then render your dream house. You can even virtually walk around it!

EasyHome Homestyler

With EasyHome Homestyler you can design a floor plan, populate it with doors, windows, furniture, appliances, and even people and then experience it in real time 3-D space!Yep, just draw your walls, then start adding more ideas as you go.Want more windows? Just click the “Building” icon on the left menu bar, select the type of window fixture you want then drag it into place.How about a new room? Just add more walls then select a door style you prefer then position it into place and voila! Your guest room is ready. It’s that easy.You can then go wild and add sofas, tables, beds, appliances, plants and decor to your virtual living space. The possibilities are endless!

Walk around in 3-D

The best part is that you can walk around your creation in virtual real-time 3-D! Go inside each of your rooms and check the flow of your design.Something feels amiss? Just grab a rug, a couch or maybe, another window from the toolbar to complete the room. You can even tear down whole walls and rooms instantly!You can quickly switch between the 2-D diagram and the 3-D view via the top-left little window. Trust me! It’s really amazing, especially for something that’s free and in real-time.

Render your design

If you want to visualize your virtual home design in a more pleasing, real-world setting, you can try rendering a snapshot of a specific view.Note: Saving and rendering your designs require registering for a free Homestyler account with a valid email address.Click “Render” to see a cool, photorealistic rendering of your house design, complete with lighting, shadows, weather and even outside environments.Check out the rendered photo of the design I just created. Isn’t it homely enough you can almost live in it?To start designing and visualizing your dream house with Homestyler, just visit its homepage or the blue link I provided below. There’s no place like home, your virtual home!Note: Don’t forget to incorporate your essential home security appliances in your designs. Our sponsor Simplisafe’s home security systems are wireless, easy to install and they should blend seamlessly into any home. For a limited time, Komando fans can save 10% on their SimpliSafe system by clicking here!

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