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Create shorter, easier to remember URLs

Websites usually have simple, easily recognizable and memorable URLs. It’s important so that folks know where to turn when they are in need of information or other online services.

But while site names are generally succinct, the addresses for individual pages within the sites are often anything but. In fact, take a look in your browser to see the full web address for this very story, published on

Did you check it out? Yes? Good, because we assume you have it memorized by now and could guide someone to the exact page if you needed to.

Just kidding — we don’t expect that of you. It’s just too many letters, numbers and symbols to recall.

While its rarely something any of us think about, brands, on the other hand, should. The length and clunky nature of full URLs can be an eyesore and, more than that, they’re too convoluted for anyone seeking ease of use and consistency.

With this site, it can be done

For people or brands that are looking for both of those things, is the site for you. Though it has a small name, it is actually very big on features.

Free to sign up for, Bitly will shorten your link, making it more aesthetically pleasing while also easier to remember and provide a nod to your brand within it. It will also allow you to track how many users have clicked each link, giving you a better understanding of where your page views are coming from via real-time analytics.

So easy to use

Once signed up, using Bitly is a piece of cake. You just log in and click on a box that says “Create Bitlink.” That opens up another box, in which you place your full URL to be turned into a Bitly. Then, you are free to share it as you would any other link.

The benefits of this tool are pretty obvious. Not only will your links look better, but they will do a better job of promoting your brand. That, along with being able to track your links in real-time, is something that could go a long way toward taking your social media presence to another level.

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