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Cool site lets you publish Alexa skills without coding

Smart speakers with virtual assistants are constantly growing in popularity. Amazon’s Alexa is probably the most used virtual assistant up to this point.Alexa can be found on several devices, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and more. The device is programmed to respond to almost unlimited commands and variations, and there are tens of thousands of individual “skills” you can add to her repertoire.

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Even though there are already tons of Alexa skills to choose from, wouldn’t it be nice to make some custom skills of your own? That’s where this cool site can help.I’m talking about the site getstoryline.comStoryline was designed to be really simple to use, for those of us who are not computer coders. Its software can be used to create either a custom skill or a Flash Briefing. It’s great for small business owners who want to reach customers through a platform like Amazon’s Alexa.Watch the following video for a detailed tutorial on how to get started.
Note: If you’re reading this article using the app, click here to watch the video.
Here are some types of skills you can build with Storyline:
  • Games and trivia – Build trivia games, interactive adventures, family-friendly games, quiz games.
  • Flash briefings – Deliver the latest news headlines and daily/weekly content, like a podcast, newsletter or blog articles.
  • Custom skills – Help your customers call a taxi, order pizza, look up information, or make an appointment.
First, you will need to sign up for a free account with Storyline. Then simply click on the type of skill you want to build, choose either custom skill or Flash Briefing. You’ll then need to provide basic details like the skill’s name and language and it will launch a canvas where you can start creating a conversational workflow for the skill.The basic Storyline plan is free and comes with a canvas design tool, browser preview, instant deploy, analytics, and flash briefings. There is a pro version that you would need to pay for if you’d like to upgrade. The pro version comes with all the features found in the basic plan as well as dedicated support and scheduled posts in flash briefings.To check out Storyline, simply click on the link that we’ve provided below inside the blue box. If you’re reading this article using the app, you might not see the blue box. If not, click here to see it.

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