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Cool interactive map shows you the history of the continents

Millions of years ago, even before dinosaurs roamed the Earth, the continents were swirling around the planet in weird configurations unfamiliar to most people.There are plenty of maps out there that show what the Earth looked like then, but here’s one that’s really amazing to look at, because it’s 3-D and interactive.The site has put up an amazing page called Ancient Earth. It’s a rotating globe that can reach back all the way to 750 million years ago to show you what the planet looked like just as protozoa were making their debut. Click to be shown an important point in time or use the arrow keys to scroll through history. Don’t forget to zoom in with your mouse.A cool feature lets you put in a street address to find out where it would be back in time. For example, 400 million years ago, the future site of the Komando headquarters was completely under water!
This is a fun time killer, so be sure to set aside enough time to explore!

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