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Convert your files to any format with ease

Have you ever received a file and found out that none of your installed programs can open it? Not every computer has the same programs, program versions or even the same fonts. And what looks fine on your computer might look terrible, or not even open at all, on someone else’s system.For example, say you keep your organization’s phone list as a Microsoft Excel file. If you email it to other members, they have to have Excel as well to open it. But, save it and mail it as a PDF and everyone can open it.Or you might have an e-book in the epub format that you want to read on an Amazon Kindle e-book reader. You’ll have to convert that to the mobi file format first.For file conversions of virtually any type, I found this free online converter that you can surely use.


FreeFileConvert is a free online tool that can convert files into different file formats.The service claims that it supports 8,337 different combinations of conversions video, audio, document, archive, e-book, presentation and font file types!It can convert from doc to pdf, mp4 to mp3, xls to csv, epub to mobi, wav to mp3, zip to rar – you name it, this site probably supports it!

Why do you want to use FreeFileConvert?

Have any files you want to convert to another format? Click here or the Cool Site button below to visit FreeFileConvert now.

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