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Compare prices on Uber, Lyft with this app

Lots of people seem to be obsessed with ride-share apps. They are typically more convenient than the old version of taxis. Whether it be Lyft, Uber or any other platform, the craze keeps growing and people continue to spend more and more money.With so many people using these ride-share services, you’ll see costs surge during peak hours or when a major event is in the area. It can end up costing you more than double compared to non-peak hours.This can become quite expensive real quick. Which is why it’s important to compare all of your options before selecting how you want to get to your destination. Lyft on its own offers six different variables of ride choices.However, hailing yourself a ride is supposed to be convenient. It’s easy and effortless to get from one place to another. But, flipping back and forth between all of your apps can be cumbersome and take up way too much time.This app eliminates the inconvenience of comparing prices from one application to another. This platform meshes Lyft and Uber to show you price differences on one simple platform.

App helps you find the lowest ride-share price

Anyride is a great tool to use because it gives you fast and exact pricing. Once you input your destination, the app will provide you with pricing details down to the last cent of Lyft and Uber in addition to ETAs and types of rides.The one downside that some people don’t like is you need to sync both Lyft and Uber to Anyride in order for it to operate. Some may raise the question of whether or not the app will take any of your information, but, it’s simply for comparisons.Despite the one minor negative, Anyride works very well for both Android and Apple devices. The app is also constantly being updated to enhance efficiency and be more user-friendly. In the near future, developers will be installing a new feature that suggests pickup and drop off locations to optimize fare costs and time saved.

Download the Anyride app

Anyride is easy to use and can save you time and money. If you are dedicated to either Lyft or Uber, download this great comparison app to see if you should reconsider which is your preferred ride-share platform.The Anyride app is free for both Apple and Android gadgets. Tap or click here to download the app for iOS. For Android, click or tap here. Or, you can use the links we’ve provided below inside the blue boxes. App background

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