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Check all available TV channels in your area with this web tool

When you hear the word “antenna,” you might think of old-school rabbit ears that struggled to give you fuzzy reception. Those days are long gone! All TV broadcasts are now digital, always delivering a crystal-clear picture — if you’re in range.But getting all the available channels in your area can be tricky. If the TV broadcast towers are miles away from your home, having your antenna in the right position is crucial for maximizing your reception.Don’t worry, we found a cool web tool that can help you see all the available channels around you.


Before you shop for a TV antenna, make sure you first survey your home’s location for all the available channels and their corresponding signal strength with a tool like AntennaWeb from enter your ZIP code and our tool will show you all the networks and their channels, their distance, band, heading (direction) and signal strength relative to that ZIP code.It’s a nice way to see all the TV broadcast towers in relation to your home to give you an idea of how to properly position and orient your TV antenna to get the channels you want.Keep in mind that your home’s surrounding landscape plays a big part in your antenna selection and channel availability. If you live in an area surrounded by hills, mountains or even buildings, your reception may be poorer than what these tools indicate.Ready to see all the TV channels you can get for FREE? Click here to use the AntennaWeb Channel Finder. App background

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