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Call and Text With Multiple Numbers From Your Existing Device

Because of smartphones we are always connected. No matter which style, having one in your pocket means you have the ability to call, text, read email and use the internet.

For many people, their phones are the lifeblood of their job. It helps to have information and the ability to get in touch with anyone at the ready, for without it, business would not get done nearly as quickly.

But what if you are the kind of person who has multiple phones? Many people have more than one phone for business and personal use. It could be a real pain keeping track of them all, let alone ensuring you never call the wrong person from the wrong device.

With this app, it’s made easy

If you are someone who needs help organizing different devices, Flyp may be for you. Quite simply, it exists to help you organize your life.How does it do this?For starters, Flyp allows you to add multiple phone numbers to a single device, with the option to decide who can call you and when they can call for each line. Along with that, the app allows you to see your calls, texts and voicemails — from any of your numbers — in one place.If the idea of creating your own phone number seems a bit scary, it should not be. Flyp lets you choose your area code, so you will always have a local number wherever you go.Maybe even most importantly, Flyp offers high-quality calling, so you will never have to worry about unreliable apps that require Wi-Fi to connect.Flyp is available for both iOS and Android. You can test it out with a 7-day free trial, but after that it will cost $7.99 per month. If you really like it, you could purchase a year of the service for $79.99.To download the app, click the appropriate link inside the blue boxes below.
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