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Sync your phone with your PC

Smartphones have become interchangeable with computers but that doesn’t mean you prefer to use them for all the same tasks. For instance, you can send emails on your smartphones but typing them up on your laptop’s keyboard is easier.

But when you start a task on your phone, it can be difficult to continue that task on your computer. Pushbullet connects your phone, tablet, and computer so that you can easily share files, links, and other content between your devices.

You can download the Pushbullet app for free from the iTunes store and the Google Play store. The web browser extension is also free and it works for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. You can install Pushbullet on Window devices as well.

Let’s say you just watched a cool movie trailer on YouTube from your laptop. You want to share the trailer with your friend but you don’t know his or her email address. Instead of emailing the link to yourself and opening the email on your phone to text him or her the link, you can use Pushbullet to text the link to their phone.

Maybe you just came back from an event and you used your phone to take photos. You may want to edit the photos in Photoshop before you print them or share them on social media. Instead of sending yourself several emails full of pictures and downloading each image individually, you can use Pushbullet to transfer the photos.

Pushbullet has its own YouTube channel, which includes several short but detailed video tutorials. Check out their introduction video below.

Pushbullet Pro is the paid version of the service; it’s $39.99 a year or $4.99 a month. With it, you send more files, send an unlimited number of text messages, and there’s more storage space. App background

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