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BMW’s new concept car is something you have to see

Technology is constantly evolving for the better. Smaller, faster and more powerful are just a few upgrades we’ve come to expect with our gadgets over the years.

Once you own high-tech items, it’s nice to be able to customize them to show off your personal style. We recently told you how to customize your smartphone and tablet inside and out. But did you ever think you would be able to personalize your vehicle, depending on your mood? That reality is closer than you would imagine.

BMW’s concept car design

BMW’s Mini concept is going to change personality, with you. The car will recognize its owner as they approach and automatically adjust its color, driving style and seat settings. The car’s exterior color will even change with your mood while driving.

Referred to as the “Mini Vision Next 100,” this car is designed to always look and feel like your own. It has exterior panels that transform to fit your personal preferences and will even beam a personalized greeting as you walk up to it.

The vehicle has an adjustable steering wheel and pedals that slide from left, center and right position to create a flexible driving experience. It also learns from your behavior and suggests driving routes and new places to meet friends. Between trips, the concept car will drive autonomously to a service hub, where it’s cleaned and recharged before heading back to meet the driver.

Check out this video detailing the Mini Vision Next 100:

BMW has yet to announce when the Mini Vision Next 100 will be available. Cars that can be customized to fit your mood and personality could be the wave of the future. It’s an exciting time to be a gearhead!

Note: If you are reading this article using the App, click here to watch the car’s demonstration video.

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