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best sleep aid apps to fight insomnia in 2023
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4 podcasts to fix your awful night’s sleep

Do you struggle to sleep throughout the night? If you need extra help getting eight hours, download one of the best sleep aid apps of 2023 onto your iPhone or Android.

Sleep is underrated, so you should put “fix my sleep schedule” at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list. Sleep helps avoid illness, reduce stress, and think more clearly. Get this: A single restless night can cause an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, Harvard reports.

With such high stakes, you’ll have to pull out all the stops. Grab some sleep masks to block out light and slip in earbuds to silence distractions. Better yet, use these four podcasts to drift away to dreamland.

1. You can’t go wrong with Headspace’s Sleepcasts

First, set yourself up for sleep. Yep, shut down your social media feeds so you can stop scrolling for hours on end. Instead, fire up Headspace’s Sleepcasts.

Unlike audiobooks, each sleepcast is a tour of a different landscape. In other words, there’s no beginning, middle, or end. You can pick up listening wherever you like and fall asleep without feeling like you’re missing anything.

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Think of them as relaxing podcasts designed to ease your mind and body. Kim loves putting on sleepcasts to transition from the daily go-go-go grind to a more soothing state of mind.

2. Get Sleepy is one of the best sleep aid apps

This handy app uses stories and meditative techniques to pull listeners into deeper Z’s. Its unique stories are designed to calm your mind and relax your body. Unless you’re a premium member, though, prepare for ads.

You can download the Get Sleepy app on your iPhone. If you have an Android, you can listen to the show on one of these apps:

3. You can’t go wrong with the Deep Energy Podcast

The Deep Energy Podcast has many meditative jams to put you in a sleepytime trance. Kim loves this show’s ambient and new-age music. Its audio helps her fall asleep every time.

Plus, the Deep Energy Podcast is pretty successful. It has almost 25 million downloads, so many people are relaxing thanks to this show. You can download it on any of your favorite podcast apps.

4. The Insight Timer app is one of the best sleep aid apps

This is one of Kim’s favorite ways to get some shuteye. She relies on a guide named Andrew Johnson to ease her into quick power naps and eight-hour sleep sessions. He prompts listeners to slow their breathing and relax.

“Plus, he sounds like Sean Connerly and that’s a real definite plus in my book!” she says. After 20 minutes, Kim is fast asleep.

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