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The best deal you’ll find on the sleep changing MyPillow

Presented by MyPillow - Best price ever on the pillow that will change your sleep

Presented by MyPillow - Best price ever on the pillow that will change your sleep

Go to or call 800-238-7219 and mention promo code "KIM."

Nothing is worse than a bad night’s sleep. You toss and turn, and when morning comes, you know you’re in for a rough day. That’s why you need to set yourself up for success when you settle into bed. It begins with your pillow.

And when it comes to pillows, you just have to try MyPillow. You’ve probably seen it on TV, and it really does live up to the hype. Now is the best time to buy a MyPillow. Not only are you getting the lowest price ever, but they make the best Christmas gifts.

Right now, you can go to and get one at the lowest price you’ll find. For a limited time, the premium Queen MyPillow is only $29.98. That’s $40 off the regular price — an amazing deal. Be sure to use promo code KIM to save.

What makes MyPillow so special?

The key is in the form-fitting shape. CEO and inventor Mike Lindell designed these products with a three-piece interlocking fill to cradle your head and neck.

“Years ago, I found myself extremely frustrated with my pillow going flat,” he says. “I would wake up in the morning with a sore arm, my neck would hurt, my fingers would be numb, I would toss and turn all night not knowing why.”

That problem is firmly in the past, thanks to his invention. When you buy a MyPillow, you don’t have to worry about squishing them. There’s no chance you’ll wake up to a hard, lumpy mess underneath. These pillows stay just the way you like them all night long.

No matter how much you wash them, they keep their shape. You can wash and tumble dry them as often as you like.

Even more good news: They make more than just pillows

Head to MyPillow’s website, and you’ll see much more than just pillows on sale. Need a new dog bed? How about a neck pillow for travel or long days at work? MyPillow’s got you covered.

From mattress pads to body pillows, you’ll find everything you need for a better night’s sleep. Right now, you can save 30% on a three-inch mattress topper. They’re so comfortable. They’ve even got weighted blankets and colorful pillowcases for kids.

Made in the USA, MyPillow products made excellent Christmas gifts. They won’t go flat and you can wash them again and again, and they won’t lose their shape or softness.

Buy now and Mike will extend his 60-day money back guarantee until March 1, 2021.

Find deep discounts on all MyPillow products, including the Giza Dream Bed Sheets, the MyPillow Mattress Topper and MyPillow towel sets right here. Be sure to use promo code KIM to support my show!

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