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Best app to manage your money

Whether you’re paying off debt, or saving for retirement, it’s a good idea to come up with a budget. Having a well-organized budget is critical to financial freedom.It’s so much easier to stay on top of your finances when you can visualize your bills and expenses. Keeping track of all that information can be a struggle. That’s where this app can help.The Mint app is the free, effortless way to manage your money in one place.It’s a free money manager and financial tracker app from the makers of TurboTax that does it all. The app syncs your bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments so you know where you stand.See how much you’re spending, what areas you can save money, and stay on top of bill pay in the Mint app like never before. You can even keep an eye on your credit score to help make smart decisions about it, and there’s no credit card required.Here are some features of the Mint app:
  • See everything in one place – Get a more complete picture of your financial life. The app brings together everything from account balances and spending to your free credit score, net worth and more.
  • Manage bills and money together – Track and pay bills right alongside your account balances. You’ll know what’s due, when it’s due, and what you can pay.
  • Budget better – Effortlessly create budgets you can stick to. To help you save smarter from day one, Mint will even create a few for you based on your spending.
  • Stay secure – Mint uses security measures like multi-factor authentication, designed to help you protect access to your account.
  • Syncs with the Mint web app – The Mint app is perfect on the go, but you can also use the desktop version at You can sync your bank accounts, credit cards, budgeting, spending and more across multiple gadgets. You can even export spreadsheets from the web, and more.
The Mint app is free and available for both Apple and Android gadgets. Simply click on the appropriate link that we’ve provided below in the blue boxes.Or, click here to download the app for iOS. Click here to download the app for Android.

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