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Best ad-free alternative to Facebook

Kim has been telling her audience for years to ditch Facebook, and for good reason. Since its inception, Facebook has been plagued with privacy problems.

Need a reminder? Scroll to the last section of this article. We have a list of 10 Facebook fails from the past year that will remind you about data breaches, invasions of privacy, and all the reasons the most popular social media platform in the world is also the most dangerous.

Now, before you jump to the comments section and say, “Hey, Kim has a Facebook page, what gives?” You’re right. We do have a Facebook page for The Kim Komando Show, but Kim deleted her personal Facebook page long ago.

She knows that you still use Facebook, and she knows it’s a good way to reach you and share important information like this. The other thing she knows is that you have been asking her for a safe, secure and ad-free social media experience.

So she created one.

Introducing a safe, secure and ad-free social media alternative

Kim and the team have been working on the new Komando Community for about a year. “I’ve been hinting on my show about something big in the works that my audience is going to love,” Kim said. “I’m excited and proud to say it’s here!”

Kim had three goals for her social media network. It had to be ad-free, secure, and private. Join the Komando Community now and take advantage of these benefits:

  • Privacy: Only members of the Komando Community can see and share information, and you can control who sees what.
  • Help: Get tech advice and tips from Kim’s experts and other community members.
  • Talk to Kim: Message Kim with your digital questions, and she might just use your question on her show!
  • Ad-free: No one will try to sell you stuff.
  • Secure: Your data and private information are secure; we will never sell it to advertisers.


Tap or click to explore Komando Community and join today.


With the “Techie” level, you can create a profile, join Komando Community groups and chat with other Komando Community members, and you may post and read blog articles.

The upgraded “Pro” level lets you post and get help and advice in the forums. Plus, you can watch The Kim Komando Show on your schedule and you can join the fun while Kim records her show. Pro-level Komando Community members get behind-the-scenes peeks at what goes on between Kim and her team.

More reading: 10 Facebook fails

If you need more reasons to ditch Facebook, let us remind you of just a few the fails that we’ve reported on in just the last year.

2018: The whole Cambridge Analytica thing

February 2019: Facebook outsources content moderation, and it has devastating effects

February 2019: These health apps are sending your data to Facebook

March 2019: Facebook stores your passwords in plain text

April 2019: Stop taking Facebook quizzes. They’re mining your data

April 2019: 540 million Facebook users’ records leaked by app developers

April 2019: Facebook uploads 1.5 million users’ contacts without permission

April 2019: Facebook’s sloppy data protect bleeds over into its Instagram platform

May 2019: Whatsapp, owned by Facebook, has a major privacy issue

May 2019: Facebook helps advertisers target you based on your credit score

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