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Best 15 games for Apple and Android

Your smartphone can be used for a wide variety of tasks but none are as fun as these games! I’ve come up with a list of 15 games you should check out if you haven’t been playing them already. But beware, some are extremely addictive!

Games are broken down into three different categories: five award-winning games, five can’t-miss classics and five highly-addictive games you might have never heard of. Without further ado, here are the best games you’ll want on your smartphone or tablet:

5 fun games you might not have known about


In 1010! you will be given a game board and sets of three puzzle pieces. Your goal is to arrange the blocks across the board and fill out lines, both horizontal and vertical. When each space is occupied by a block, that line will disappear and you’ll have new spaces to put new pieces.

Clear out as many lines and columns as you can to get the highest score. There’s no end, no final level, so how far you go is up to you.

To download 1010!, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.

The goal of is simple. You are a blob, dot, circle or planet, whatever term you prefer, and you want to float around the game board as long as possible. You can also give your blob a nickname on the home screen, so other blobs will know who’s boss.

As you float around, you want to pick up or eat smaller blobs or planets near you, absorbing them and making you a bigger blob. But watch out! Blobs bigger than you will absorb you, then it’s game over. The goal is to be the biggest and last blob standing on the board.

To download, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.


The object of Blek is to collect the colored dots, while at the same time avoiding the black dots, by drawing a line or path for your game piece to follow. The pattern you draw will continue through the entire board.

Sound confusing? The app’s creators say in the Google Play Store, “Blek can’t be described with words. Watch the video.” I’m going to agree with them. See Blek in action in the video below and it will all make sense, I promise.

To download Blek, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.

Triple Town

If you’re passionate about puzzles, Triple Town is your cup of tea. This cute and quirky game forces you to think outside the box. Build up your city by combining three of a kind.

But watch out for bears! These adorable beasts will ravage your outpost. But never fear! Like everything in Triple Town, three trapped bears create a new village building. It’s an innovative game that will have you addicted in no time!

To download Triple Town, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.


The objective of ZigZag is to keep the ball from falling off the wall. To move the ball, you simply tap your screen to change the direction it’s headed. You can also earn points by collecting diamonds that are placed along your path.

To download ZigZag, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.

5 Award Winners


See a whole new, beautiful twist on classic pinball, all thanks to the Inks app. With Inks, instead of flashing lights and deafening noises, when your ball hits a bumper, you’ll see splashes of ink that turn the game board into a piece of art. Check out the trailer for the game below to see just what I mean and click here to get the Inks app for Apple devices.


Think of Linum as the most high-tech and difficult version of “Connect The Dots” that you’ve ever played. In Linum, the object is to connect Land Nodes to their Landing Points, which you do by selecting lines and tapping and twisting them until they connect to their 0 landing point. Watch the game trailer below to see what I mean and click here to download Linum for Apple devices now.

Monument Valley

Sure there are smartphone games that are plain fun and addictive, but none is as gorgeous as this one. So gorgeous in fact, that it won Apple Game of the Year in 2014 and also won an Apple Design Award in the same year, so you’ll definitely want to pick this up for your tablet or large-screen smartphone.

It’s called Monument Valley, and the game is played in gorgeous 3-D worlds that were created in the style of M.C. Escher. Your goal is to guide Princess Ida through numerous optical illusions and secret trails and paths, all while avoiding the raucous Crow People. You’ll also discover a friendly helper along the way. Don’t get comfortable with your problem-solving skills. Just when you think you’ve gotten the hang of how the game works, it will change in the most fantastic ways!

To download Monument Valley, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.

Two Dots

The Webby Award winner for Best Visual Design– Aesthetic (Mobile & Apps) and Best Gaming App, Two Dots is the sequel to the hit puzzle game Dots.

Here’s how it works: Swipe your finger across two or more dots of the same color to make a match. The matched dots will disappear, making room for new ones. You can only make matches vertically and horizontally, no matter how tempting a diagonal might be.

To download Two Dots, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.

Quiz Up

The 2014 Best Social Game winner Quiz Up hasn’t lost any steam since its heyday. Choose from one of the 250 topics and see how fast you can answer the questions. You can compare scores across the world and see graphs and charts that display your skill.

What area will you score the highest? Science? Maybe pop culture? You can even challenge other players to a quiz-off, where the fastest right answer gets the highest score.

To download QuizUp, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.

5 can’t-miss classics


The highly-addictive 2048 is deceptively simple: Swipe the numbers to move them in four different directions. When boxes combine, such as two, the number will become 4. Two 4s will become 8 and so on. If you can get all the way up to 2048, you’re a winner.

2048 game

To download 2048, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.

Angry Birds

The very first mobile game to explode on the scene was Angry Birds. The games became so popular in fact, that the characters are now stars of their own major motion picture.

Now, there’s more than one Angry Birds game to play. Click here to check out each one of the Angry Birds games, from the original classic and Angry Birds to the “seasons” saga.

To download Angry Birds, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.


The object Bejeweled is simple. You need to rearrange jewels on the board to create rows or columns of three like colors. When a group of three is matched, new jewels fall from the sky, creating new matches to be made. Use power-ups such as detonators, scramblers and multipliers to make as many matches as possible in the given time to get the highest score and be a winner!

To download Bejeweled, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Like the other Candy Crush games, your goal in Candy Crush Jelly Saga is to match candies with other candies in pairs of threes or more, but in the latest installment, your goal is also to spread jelly across the board (Jelly Mode). Note that a match has to happen over a jelly tile in order for it to spread.

To download Candy Crush Jelly Saga, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.


With the Scrabble app, you can play against friends and family, find a random opponent, or play against the computer. You can even have more than one game going at a time.

Frustrated with the game? You can improve your skills by turning on the “Teacher” function. This option shows you what you could have played for a higher score. If you’re still stuck, the app has a built-in Scrabble dictionary so you can look up any words you might have questions about, or look for other ideas.

To download Scrabble, click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices. App background

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